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Education and Collections Intern

Woodmere Art Museum -- Education and Collections Assistant Intern

Please see instructions on how to apply at the bottom of this page.

The Intern will assist in further development of Woodmere’s interactive collections website page. The collections website is an educational tool for visitor and future visitors to explore Woodmere’s permanent collection and the museum as a cultural institution. Woodmere’s collection focuses on the art and artists of Philadelphia. The website is set up with pages for both art works and artist’s bios. The Intern will help organize a group of “Collection Highlights” into time periods and themes, such as Outdoor Sculptures, Social Realists; coordinate curatorial labels on the object pages, and research and write bios on individual artists for artists’ interactive website pages. These will include hyperlinks to relevant institutions, schools, artists, art, social and historical contexts.

The Intern will also be involved in researching and developing a time line of works of art with chronologies, telling the story of art and artists in Philadelphia. The timeline can include essays on art history and related American historical events. This will be used for educational purposes by school teachers, students, docents and visitors. During the course of the internship, the Intern will be asked periodically to assist with children’s art tours and classes.

Skills: The Intern should have excellent research and writing skills and have good attention to detail. They should have an interest in and knowledge of art history, be organized, responsible and self-motivated. It is important for the candidate to work well in both group and collaborative settings as well as independently. Computer skills a must. The Intern will be responsible for the research and writing of bios on artists and art works in Woodmere’s collection. All art work pages will need to include labeling information, references to other institutions, schools, artists, mediums, and art and historic events that are relevant to each artist.

Projects Include:
- Work to enhance the interactive collection's portion of the Woodmere's website
- Research and outline chronologies of works in the Woodmere Museum's collection, to be used in further educational materials
- Assist with children's art tours and classes at Woodmere

This position pays $12/hr, 28 hours a week for 9 weeks. In addition, you will receive a $580 stipend for completing the Arts Intern component of the program. Visit the Program Details page for more information.  

1) Will be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student as of the Fall 2018 semester. You must be a rising Junior or Senior.
2) Attend college in Philadelphia, or live in Philadelphia. 

3) Have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form, to see what it looks like -- click here. 


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