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Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Intern

The Sculpture Center -- Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Intern

Please see instructions on how to apply at the bottom of this page.

The 2019 summer Arts Intern will concentrate on editing, updating, and adding to our Ohio Outdoor Sculpture database which is held online in OMEKA 2, a specialized CMS (content management system). There are currently 1,500+ sculptures in our online database at The website was completely redesigned when it was migrated forwarded from OMEKA 1 to 2 and needs systematic revisions and additions.

Specifically, the intern will choose a discrete selection of a certain type of sculpture now in the Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory for an in depth research project that will result in interpretative information on the sculptures and online walking and driving tours of the sculptures. For example, the intern may decide to concentrate on post-World War 2 sculptures, historical figures, abstract sculptures, or the like. The research will locate information on the specific sculptures, attempt to place them in their time period by determining the reasons that they were selected for a public setting, and provide interpretative descriptions about the sculpture on the website. If the sculptors are still living, the intern will do phone and email interviews with them.

Interns will provide bi-weekly, at a minimum, updates to TSC’s social media pages for Facebook and Instagram. Intern will add each new OOS sculpture that is updated and added, info that ED requests, images from activities around TSC, images from summer interns’ activities. Some updating of TSC’s website, done through WordPress. Additionally the Intern will work as gallery supervisor on some Saturday afternoons to guard galleries, greet the public, and provide visitors with interpretative tours if requested.

Projects Include:
- Researching sculpture across Ohio and adding them to the Sculpture Center's Database
- Writing short, engaging, art historical and historical information for sculptures for their online page
- Develop means to tie together groups of researched sculptures
- Develop online generated 'walking' tours and driving tours of sculptures in Ohio

This position pays $15/hr, 28 hours a week for 9 weeks. In addition, you will receive a $500 stipend for completing the Arts Intern component of the program. Visit the Program Details page for more information.  

1) Will be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student as of the Fall 2019 semester. You must be a rising Junior or Senior.
2) Attend college in Cleveland, or live within Cleveland or the boundary established by the
Inner Ring Suburbs. 
3) Have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form, to see what it looks like -- click here. 


1) To apply to a position, please click here and fill out the eligibility application form
2) Once your eligibility application is reviewed and approved, Studio Institute will send you an email confirming your eligibility for the program. Note: once you're verified as eligible for Arts Intern, you can apply to as many positions as you'd like. You do not have to submit the eligibility application more than once. 
3) You will forward this confirmation email, along with your CV, cover letter, and transcript to the email below these instructions with the subject "Arts Intern 2019 Approved Application".

Once you've received confirmation of eligibility, email your application to Ann Albano at