Studio Institute

Program Details

Coming from many different backgrounds, Arts Interns bring their unique voices to cultural organizations. Among other things, Arts Interns prepare exhibits, provide content for installations, and build and organize events for the community at large. Arts Intern's driving goal is to match skilled college students with paid internships in museums and organizations that make integral places for them on their staff, resulting in valuable career experience.

Internships last nine weeks and interns work 28 hours a week. Interns will be paid $12.00 per hour, except for cities in which local laws dictate a higher rate. Arts Interns are employees of their host institution; this means that Interns will be subject to all employment taxes in compliance with local laws.

In addition to working in their host institution, Arts Interns must participate in the education component of the program, which is spread out across nine program days throughout the summer. These days will be used to visit other institutions in their city as a cohort, where the Interns will have the opportunity to learn about other jobs in the field. These days will be used to complete program assignments.

Upon completion of a final project and confirmation from supervisors that the Intern did not miss any work hours, a final stipend will be paid to each Intern. Please note that, in order to be paid the full amount, students will need to comply with all objectives and requirements of the internship program, including submittal of all weekly paperwork, attendance at museum visits, a mid-summer report, and a final project.