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Curatorial Intern (Department of African and Oceanic Art)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston -- Curatorial Intern (Department of Africa and Oceana)

Please see instructions on how to apply at the bottom of this page.

The Intern will complete an audience development project and work on a broader departmental project, an exhibition that opens in November 2018. As a small department, it can be difficult to reach out to the many constituencies who should feel welcome in the African and Oceanic art galleries at the MFA. The intern will be responsible for: developing a social media outreach strategy for the Teel Curator of African and Oceanic Art; ideas for public programming (using the MFA's Remix and Looking Closer format) that link new audiences to the African and Oceanic collection; and researching content for the department on Smarthistory. 

For the social media project, the Intern will decide which platform will reach the largest number of potential visitors and collectors. They will then work with the curator to develop a voice and strategy for the content, as well as which users the curator should follow. For the programming project, the Intern will work with the curator to develop a list of trending topics and ideas that connect with MFA objects for public programs. For example, the fall intern suggested a program on natural funerals, a growing trend that connects with the MFA's ancestral sculptures from Indonesia, and identified the Boston-area speaker who could present on this topic in an MFA Remix program. 

Projects include:
- Develop and implement a social media strategy for the Department of African and Oceanic Art at the MFA
- Work with the Curator to develop topics and ideas that link the MFA to trends and the community at large
- Work with the Khan Academy Smarthistory platform to create content pertaining to African and Oceanic art for high school students

This position pays $12/hr, 28 hours a week for 9 weeks. In addition, you will receive a $580 stipend for completing the Arts Intern component of the program. Visit the Program Details page for more information.  

1) Will be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student as of the Fall 2018 semester. You must be a rising Junior or Senior.
Attend college in Boston, or live within the boundary established by Route 128 (also known as the 95 loop). 
3) Have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form, to see what it looks like -- click here. 


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