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School Programs Intern

Barnes Foundation -- School Programs Intern

Please see instructions on how to apply at the bottom of this page.

The School Programs Intern will support the School Programs department by researching and developing content for multimedia platforms to be used by students and/or teachers. Students and teachers visiting the museum and the institution’s website are looking for information to use in the classroom. This project will enable the Barnes Foundation to provide more in-depth resources via the website and other electronic media to respond to this need. To complete this project, the intern will learn about the art in the Barnes Foundation’s collection and identify artists and art historical content suitable for incorporation into the following formats: short biographical sketches, slide shows of artwork, podcast or video reviews of artwork, and/or scripts for documentary video. The format will depend on what content is identified and what funding becomes available before the start of the internship.  

The Intern will learn about the art collection as well as how that information can be used for teaching in the classroom. The Intern will participate in meetings with educators to discover how content is used in school programs to gain a sense of what would be appropriate for the project. In addition, the intern will meet with editorial staff to find out how to prepare content for the website. The Intern will learn how to create a podcast and how to edit that content by learning digital editing software. By the end of the internship, the Intern will have several samples to include in their portfolio.

Projects Include:
- Create content for the Barnes Foundation's education programs
- Make videos, podcasts, flyers, and other media to assist in the Barnes' educational capacities
- Assist with the Summer Teacher Institute with fellow School Program department employees

This position pays $12/hr, 28 hours a week for 9 weeks. In addition, you will receive a $580 stipend for completing the Arts Intern component of the program. Visit the Program Details page for more information.  

1) Will be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student as of the Fall 2018 semester. You must be a rising Junior or Senior.
2) Attend college in Philadelphia, or live in Philadelphia. 

3) Have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000. This number is on your FAFSA form, to see what it looks like -- click here. 


1) To apply to a position, please click here and fill out the eligibility application form
2) Once your eligibility application is reviewed and approved, Studio Institute will send you an email confirming your eligibility for the program. 
Note: once you're verified as eligible for Arts Intern, you can apply to as many positions as you'd like. You do not have to submit the eligibility application more than once. 
3) You will forward this confirmation email, along with your CV, cover letter, transcript, and recommendations to the email below these instructions with the subject "Arts Intern 2018 Approved Application".

Once you've received confirmation of eligibility, email your application to Jennifer Brehm Nadler at